WOCCA targets the poorest and most vulnerable Somalis as beneficiaries for projects.The majority of our target beneficiaries are Women and Children as most of our programmes are tailored to these groups and EVI’s in the IDP camps as well as host communities. However Men and women are equaly beneficiaries in our Income Generation and Employment Recovery programmes where we have rehabilitated canals, water catchments, feeder roads and other important infrastructure areas. WOCCA also runs trainings for communities in Banadir, Middle and Lower Shabelle. Such programmes target the community as a whole. We also help local administrations in peace building and solving inter-clan conflicts.

WOCCA tends to provide help to women and children in our target geographical area. However the majority of our beneficiaries are in Middle-Lower Shabelle and Banadir regions, and recently some of our beneficiaries are in Hiran region.