WOCCA's past achievements:

  • Education and Sanitation activities were also glued with agricultural activities in order to reduce the illiteracy of girl child and boys as well as adult people.
  • Through this thematic, WOCCA undertook various awareness raising activities on FGM as well as HIV/Aids epidemic to enable the community better known the problems and consequences of harmful traditional practices of FGM on girl child as well as HIV/Aids problems.
  • In protecting children and reducing abuses including SGBV, WOCCA implemented (in 2008) 2 Child protection Projects by undertaking Investigation, Documentation, Monitoring & Advocacy (IDMA) activities and raised awareness of child/women’s rights in Middle Shabelle communities.
  • WOCCA developed a Gender policy Document in 2007 to promote equity and equality between women and men, throughout the life course of the project area, and ensure that interventions do not promote inequitable gender roles relations, WOCCA’s Gender Policy presents the results of the review of experiences and the consultation process among WOCCA and project beneficiaries, outlines a combination of positive measures for women and gender mainstreaming measures.
  • During the on going WOCCA’s structural programme April, 2008-March 2009, WOCCA and Project Beneficiaries have together exercised and implemented the community Cost Sharing Policy which intended to stop free handouts and WOCCA has built the local capacities & structures of the project village committees/beneficiaries to promote contributions (Cash/in-Kind) for cost sharing of the project to ensure programme sustainability.
  • WOCCA financial staff has been trained on GAAP to improve their financial capacity performance and skills in 2007.
  • From October 2007-January 2008, WOCCA staff were provided the Emergency Preparedness and Response Action (EPARA) training by Resource Person attached to WOCCA by Oxfam Novib Nairobi Office to enable WOCCA to respond according to International Standards to wide range of emergencies.
  • 2009-11 Agriculture and livelihood programme targeting 10 villages in Shabelle revirine area is currenlty implemented by WOCCA and funded by our lead partner Oxfam Novib
  • Having experienced the success of its past projects, WOCCA intends to switch to engaging in women empowerment (through agriculture) and food security in future projects. WOCCA feels very strongly that women are the most vulnerable and on many occasions, women are left widowed or attending to the household and childcare duties alone with very little support from their male spouses.


  • Opening of Nairobi Office in March 2010
  • Successful recruitment of Staff
  • Setting different sectors for different projects that WOCCA is operational in.( Agriculture & Livelihoods, Water & Sanitation, Education, NFI & Shelter, Nutrition)
  • Improvements in Fund raising in Nairobi level
  • Developed a Code of Conduct and HIV/AIDS policies were developed
  • Hired a consultant to revise all the other policies
  • Training of artisans to build Silos. The artisans are now ready to start building Silos in the beginning of 2011
  • Provided livestock to beneficiaries in Middle Shabelle region
  • Trained people in conflict resolutionv
  • Trained people in hygiene awareness,
  • Provided slabs in villages to increase hygiene
  • Building and rehabilitating wells
  • Provide chlorine to wells and chlorofoc to families for safer water