Our Partners

Oxfam NovibUnited Nations Political Office of SomaliaUnicefUNHCRINTER SOSCISPUNDP

Oxfam NOVIB (Hague) has been the primary development and emergency projects partner of WOCCA over 12 years. NOVIB has supported agricultural development activities, Environmental as well as Emergency responses and UNDP (HRF) supported Emergency Activities within the Middle Shabelle Region. The other partner projects that have been completed in the Region include: Participatory Integrated Community Development (PICD) and Tsunami emergency relief and Recovery projects.

WOCCA is also in partnership with UNICEF in a number of sectors including the WASH Cluster. WOCCA also works with UNICEF for rural communities education; Peace Day funded by UNPOS, Peace & Reconciliation and Public Media Awareness funded by UNDP/NRC, Knowledge Infrastructure Counterpart (Adaptation on Climate Change) funded by BOTH ENDS and Mogadishu IDP Emergency Response funded by Oxfam International (OI). WOCCA also works with Intersos in Emergence education and protection of the IDP women and children in Middle and Lower Shabelle. WOCCA also receives a substantial help from UNICEF in the WASH cluster

Would your organization like to be partners with us, please drop us an email on jowhar@woccaorg.com