Security Challenges

Somalia is a fragmented country that has suffered for more than 19 years of man-made and natural disasters spearheaded by a violent civil war and has drastically affected the communities as a whole especially women, children and youth. The collapse of Siad Barre's Government in 1991 propelled Somalia into a prolonged period of civil war and since then the country has been without a central Government. With the widespread breakdown of social services, political institutions, law and order, combined with one of the world’s harshest climates, every aspect of people’s lives, Social, Cultural, Psychological, Health and Economic has been adversely effected. There has been a widespread of violence in the country that has caused extremely high numbers of deaths in the civil societies.

Humanitarian Challenges

It is sometimes beyond our Financial capacity to deal with the amount of humanitarian emergencies in Somalia, particular WOCCA’s project areas. The infrastructure is totally unravelled, exodus of IDPs, low cereal production and production capacity, serious WASH cluster emergencies, Lack of schooling for the youth, protection challenges for women and children, SGBV etc are all challenges faced today in our project areas and through out Somalia.

There are limited funds to address all these issues and this poses a great challenge.