Areas of Intervention

The principle thematic of WOCCA interventions is to alleviate poverty status, respond to Gender in-equity and to address livelihood vulnerability concerns of widowed female headed households in agriculture crop production activities in Jowhar and Mahadday districts of Middle Shabelle region.

The social actors that to be benefited from the field intervention activities also include various community groups, (women groups and their household family members, rural pastoral community, disadvantaged boy and girl child, the poor of the poorest, marginalized groups in the target areas, local community/district and regional authority as well as local INGOs based in the field.

Below are other areas of Intervention:

  • Water and Sanitation - Women are in many cases the main care takers of the families in Somalia. They supply the household with water, food and are the key people that promote hygiene in their families. WOCCA supports families by giving women, children and men access to hygiene facilities like latrines. Read More
  • Emergency Response - Somalia is a country hit by both war as well as natural disasters. Apart from the conflicts, almost every year there are floods occurring in the areas we work in and at the same time droughts can occur, heavily affecting the livelihoods of agro pastoralists. Read More
  • Agriculture and Food Security - Women in Somalia are increasingly becoming vulnerable in all aspects of life in the human contest. Life in Middle Shabelle is becoming of inferior quality by the day for women and children (Girls and Boys) and the situation is treating them too unsympathetically. Read More
  • Livelihood - WOCCA has been supporting the livelihoods of the most vulnerable people in Somalia since 1996. A large percentage of WOCCA's projects are in the Livelihoods Sector. Read More
  • Protection & non food items - Endless and aimless fights in Mogadishu have caused massive exodus of innocent people mainly women and children to the outskirts of Mogadishu seeking for a more secure environment. Read More
  • Nutrition - WOCCA’S near future plan is to implement Nutrition Programmes in Middle and Lower Shabelle focusing mainly on Pregnant and Lactating women and Children under the age of 5. Read More
  • Education - Educational in Emergency is not only right but in the situations of emergencies it is a fundamental necessity. It provides physical, social and cognitive protection which can be both life saving and life sustaining. Read More

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