Mahdi Foundation

Background of the Foundation

Mohamed Abdullah Mahdi who was assassinated by a group of thugs in Mogadishu on 11th of June 2008 was one of the prominent Somali Civil Societies who was responsible of a great deal of aid and humanitarian assistance to Middle Shabelle, Banadir and Lower Shabelle. During his lifetime Mohamed has dedicated his life to the assistance and development of Somali women and children in those regions. This killing has once again illustrated the extremely dangers faced by both ordinary citizens and aid workers in Somalia.

In Memory of Mohamed Abdullahi Mahdi a group of Somali Professionals, Civil Society Members and Friends of Mohamed in and outside Somalia has founded the MAHDI Foundation. The immediate objective #1 of the (public) foundation is to provide assistance to the Somali children who are harmed/wounded physically and psychologically by the endless conflicts in Somalia. Objective #2 of the foundation is to provide assistance to the children (and their families) of Somali in schooling, nutrition and protection the fundamental rights of children. Objective #3 of the foundation is to promoting peace and conflict resolution in conflicts zones and promotes the safety of children.