Countries We Work in

  • Somalia - Somalia is a country in conflict since the beginning of the 1990’s. President Barre was ousted by combined northern and southern clan-based forces, all of whom were backed and armed by Ethiopia.
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    • Peoples - WOCCA targets the poorest and most vulnerable Somalis as beneficiaries for projects.The majority of our target beneficiaries are Women and Children as most of our programmes are tailored to these groups and EVI’s in the IDP camps as well as host communities. Read More
    • Areas We Work in - The principle theme of WOCCA's interventions is to aim at alleviating poverty, respond to gender in-equality and to address the livelihood vulnerability concerns in Middle Shabelle, Lower Shabelle Region, Banadir and Hiran. Read More
    • Challenges - Somalia is a fragmented country that has suffered for more than 19 years of man-made and natural disasters spearheaded by a violent civil war and has drastically affected the communities as a whole especially women, children and youth. Read More
    • Achievements - Education and Sanitation activities were also glued with agricultural activities in order to reduce the illiteracy of girl child and boys as well as adult people. Read More
  • Kenya - Wocca is intending to start activities in Kenya in 2011. Some of the problems that happen in Somalia lead to a refugee flux that ends up at the border with Kenya. Read More